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Top Tips, Ideas, and Inspiration for Broker Owners

As we close out the first year of Anywhere, we’re taking a look back at some of the forward-looking ideas and thought leadership from Anywhere blogs and podcasts throughout 2022.

It’s been quite a year for Anywhere. We’ve expanded, rebranded, and welcomed many new brokers and agents to the Anywhere family. As 2022 winds down, we’d like to take this opportunity to recap the year and share our Top Nine Tips for Broker Owners. They come from the many real estate thought leaders we’ve talked to through the past year, on both our blog and podcast.

Their wisdom and hard-won experience can help brokers (and future brokers) build their brand, grow their business, and transform the entire industry.

Tip 1:  Lean into Your Authentic Self (Building Your Brand)

It’s fitting that our first tip comes from Sue Yannaccone, President & CEO, Anywhere Brands. It’s all about freeing yourself from inhibitions that could stifle growth at work. “I wanted there to be less discomfort in coming to work as your whole self. And that’s part of this diversity, equity and inclusion, the ultimate goal is belonging, right? We want to feel that we show up and we belong everywhere we go and our voice matters.”

Tip 2: Your Agents are a Billboard for Your Brand (Building Your Brand)

Stephanie Anton, President of Corcoran Affiliates talked about the importance of hiring the right agents, as they are the public face of your brokerage. They are the ones who reinforce your brand promise every day. When you have the right team in place representing your brokerage and brand, it becomes a “rewarding circle.”

“I think for brokers more than anybody, your agents are your flag. And so, you have to be thoughtful about how you identify and bring on agents that you’re proud to have represent you. Just like your yard signs are a billboard for your brand, your agents have to be representative of your brokerage. It all ties into culture….it’s this rewarding circle.”

Tip # 3 Your Brand Creates One Voice that Can Be Used to Sing a Beautiful Melody Together (Building Your Brand)

Corey Marie Birger, Chief Operating Officer for Corcoran Reverie, has a wonderful metaphor for the brand voice of your brokerage.

Building Your Brand: Links, ideas, and inspiration

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Tip #4 There Will Be Disruption! But It Will Be Creative Disruption (Driving Growth)

Matthew Ferrara, Philosopher, and host of our popular Explore Expert Conversation podcast talked at length about reinvention during changing times. It’s of particular relevance for Anywhere in 2022. Times of great change are also times for thinking outside the box.

“Changing times are perfect for innovation, creativity and risk-taking – and nobody does that better than the real estate industry. Just a few short years ago, we radically changed during the pandemic, applying video, mobile, and touchless transaction technology to help the industry reach 15-year sales highs.”

Tip #5 Learning is the Foundation of Continued Success (Driving Growth)

Bonnie Sue Lovelace, VP Client Success, Anywhere talks about the importance of continuing education in real estate, and how it is essential to continue your knowledge journey throughout your career.

“Learning is integral to success because it’s the foundation of continued success. Our brand universities are where agents—at any point in their career—can always find that extra edge to differentiate them from the competition and the next-level skills and tools that will propel their business forward.”

Tip #6- Consider the Value of Affiliation (Driving Growth)

James Corcoran, VP Sales Strategy & Operations at Anywhere Brands discussed how partnering with a national real estate brand can provide you with resources you simply can’t get on your own.

“You don’t have to go it alone. We already have the tech. We have an award-winning agent education program, so you don’t have to create your own or hire an expensive third-party coach. And we have the experience, expertise, connections, and resources to help you address the challenges, take advantage of the opportunities, and grow and scale your business.”

Driving Growth: More links, ideas, and inspiration

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Tip #7- Housing Often Leads the Market in a Recovery (Transforming the Industry)

Tony Kueh, Chief Product Officer at Anywhere hit the ground running as our first ever CPO. His introductory blog post gave us a brief history lesson on downturns and recoveries.

“Despite the uncertainty, it’s important to remember that often housing leads the market in a recovery. More importantly, market downturns are external forces that filter the strong from the weak. Companies built on flawed products, services, or business models will face more headwinds. It is also during this time when organizations must be prepared for the next phase of growth.” -Tony Kueh, Chief Product Officer at Anywhere

Tip #8- Using Technology to Remove Barriers Empowers the Industry (Transforming the Industry)

Speaking of hitting the ground running, Melissa McSherry, Anywhere’s Chief Operating Officer, has an ambitious vision for the future of real estate and is working to ensure that Anywhere leads the way.

“Affiliates, like consumers, also want simplicity in the transactions to win more deals and increase productivity. Our technology helps them navigate the complexities of the transaction so their consumers can focus on the joys of home ownership.”

Tip #9- Empowering Everyone’s Next Move (Transforming the Industry)

We close out our series with another quote from Sue. Here she discusses changing preferences on consumers, and how an industry leader like Anywhere gives them the space to grow, and the tools to accomplish more than they ever could on their own. “We are looking out across the horizon and saying consumer demand is changing the way in which consumers transact. Everything they do today has changed. And that is going to continue to accelerate. Solving for those consumer needs is not something that individual broker owners across can do on their own, nor should they. We provide that access to things they cannot access on their own, like training, and opportunities to enhance their business data and analytics.

Transforming the Industry: More links, ideas, and inspiration

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