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Real estate is evolving at an accelerated pace. To help agents and brokers stay relevant to their clients and communities, Anywhere brings together the collective experience of trusted experts and affiliates to present new ideas, delivering exceptional thought leadership to the industry at large.

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The Everlasting Importance of the Real Estate Agent

We’re discussing the role of the real estate agent as a trusted advisor, and the importance and value of continued support to help agents perform at the highest level.

Welcome to Anywhere℠: A New Day for Real Estate

Have you heard the news? As of June 9, Realogy is now Anywhere Real Estate Inc. (or Anywhere for short). The next chapter of the company’s transformative journey will meet consumers Anywhere in their home buying and selling journey.

Resources to Educate and Empower Fair Housing in Your Community

Fair housing is an important issue to discuss year round, and we’re sharing resources you can use to learn & take actionable steps towards building a more inclusive community.

Fair Housing: Examining the Progress

April is recognized as Fair Housing Month, a chance to demonstrate a commitment to expanding equal access to housing for all. We’re talking with Laurie Benner, Associate Vice President of Programs for the National Fair Housing Alliance about how far we’ve come, and how much work still needs to be done.

Celebrating Women’s History in Real Estate

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re sharing a recent article from What Moves Her®, which takes a look at the history of women in real estate, and shares insights from Charlotte Simonelli, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer of Realogy.

How a Brokerage Compares to Industry Disruptors — and Has More Advantages Than You May Think

New players in the real estate space may appear disruptive — but they often lack the tools, resources, and advanced technology available at leading real estate brands. More often than not, it’s the traditional brokerages paving the way for true innovation.

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